1998 at Domaine de Marcoux

The year began with a winter that you could describe as “normal”.
January and February were nice and sunny, and March was dominated by sunshine and the Mistral: a fortnight of uninterrupted wind around 90 km/h. April was chillier, with a slight frost in the mornings, and a few fledgling vines paid the price.
Sun and Mistral dominated June, causing us some trouble applying our biodynamic preparations – we had to find slots between all the gusts!
Véraison (changing of grape colour) began very early, around 15 July instead of early August.
There was a shortage of rain and the vines were thirsty; but despite a few yellowed leaves, they showed good resistance.
The rain finally arrived in September but had no impact on the quality of the crop or on harvest operations.

We have been farming our vines organically since 1991