2014 at Domaine de Marcoux

Winter 2014 was mild and rainy, but a long dry spell began in early March. April and May were dry and so was June, with the Mistral and sweltering heat (up to 35.5°C) in the shade.
We twice watered the baby vines planted that winter, and the vines began to suffer slightly from the drought. So, when the first rain fell, on 25 June, everyone was happy… but it was actually the first in a long series. Storm followed storm, although the crop was healthy. However, the grass between the rows of vines thrived, growing so much that we had to mow it before harvesting!
Late August was sunny and warm, and the Mistral blew, but the lack of summer heat delayed grape ripening. We had to wait, and only began picked the red-wine grapes on 20 September, a date now unfamiliar to us, although that was when our grandfathers used to start. We finished picking on 16 October.
Through the harvest, we sorted stringently – discarding damaged berries but primarily clusters we found insufficiently ripe. Sorting was done at the vine by the pickers; on the tractor by our permanent staff; and in the cellar under Sophie’s direction. The result? A small yield but vats of terrific juice…

In the end, the wines were less full bodied than other vintages, but they were airy and fresh, with floral notes and superb balance – which Grenache has a knack for. To retain the excellence of this standout vintage, we opted not to make a Vieilles Vignes cuvée.

We have been farming our vines organically since 1991