Côtes du Rhône

Côtes du Rhône contrôlée


We have 2 ha of Côtes du Rhône in the municipality of Orange: 1 ha in the locality of Maucoil and 1 ha in "Bois Lauzon".


  • Winemaking: We also pay great care and attention to making our Côtes du Rhône: organic growing, working the soil, hand picking in 50 kg crates, double sorting of the grapes (at the vine and in the cellar). They are then destemmed, crushed, native yeasts only, and daily pumping-over. The wine is matured in concrete vats, then typically bottled 10 months after harvest.
  • Cultivation method: Organic (ECOCERT certified) since 1991
  • Grapes: Grenache, Syrah and some Mourvèdre.
  • Terroir: Alluvium and clays.
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We have been farming our vines organically since 1991