2009 at Domaine de Marcoux

Winter was fairly mild but long, rainy, gloomy and grey… until April!
The month of May was dry. The vines had received plenty of water and grew vigorously. So, when the Mistral blew hard in late May, it caused enormous damage, snapping lots of canes. But we forgave it because, all in all, “Doctor Mistral” does us more good than harm!
From June to September, the summer was very dry and hot. The ripening tempo quickened: we cut short our holidays and harvested the Roussanne on 1 September with a small team of pickers. It was hot (30-32°C in the first week) but fortunately two days’ rain cooled the air and there was no spoilage. The grapes were handsome, and the wine would be too…
After two years of works, we made our first vintage in our new cellar.
The wines were superb.

We have been farming our vines organically since 1991