2010 at Domaine de Marcoux

Winter was cold, beginning in December and continuing in January with snow (about 30 cm), wind (snow drifts) and cold (down to -10°C). We were cut off for three days – though we should point out we don’t have any snow-clearing equipment!
Pruning was hitch-free, we planted our baby replacement vines, began the spring tasks… But on Sunday 7 March we had a surprise: it snowed all day, 25 cm in total.
We were impatient for spring as winter has been long and cold, with rain and snow… April was alright, though not great. May began with a hot spell; then suddenly, on the 4th, the temperature fell suddenly (7-8°C in the morning). We unpacked the blankets, switched the heating back on, and grumbled a lot.
Vines, and Grenache in particular, don’t appreciate these weather swings; the grapes suffered coulure, meaning the flowers don’t produce fruit. The logical result: a small crop.
Summer finally settled in, with heat and sun until a serious storm on 6 September and two more in the following days. Thankfully, the sun and Mistral returned, so the vines were able to digest the rain.
We become sole owners of our Lirac plots, buying out the Canto family. The wine of Domaine la Lorentine was renamed Domaine de Marcoux, Cuvée la Lorentine; and, of course, the vineyards switched to organic.

We have been farming our vines organically since 1991